McCrackens Hefe - 12x500ml bottles – Craft Beer

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McCrackens Hefe

About the beer

McCrackens Hefe is an interpretation of the traditional Bavarian Hefeweizen and influenced by American Wheat beers. Made with the highest quality wheat and complementary selection of hops, gives it a bold, clean flavour with pronounced citrus and floral aromas.

ABV 5% 12x500ml


About our brewery

We established our County Armagh based brewery in September 2018. It started with our founder Ryan McCracken, 2 beers and a dream. We’ve since gone on to win awards and expanded our team, brewery and range to 7 outstanding beers.

At McCrackens we believe in using natural fresh ingredients, using just water, barley, yeast and hops and brewing in small batches to produce quality full bodied beers. As our beers are all unfiltered, bottle conditioned and do not contain any artificial preservatives or other chemicals, the natural goodness and full flavours are all kept intact.

Other Details

Specific 1:
Craft beer
Specific 2:
Specific 3:
Made with the highest quality wheat and complementary selection of hops.
Specific 4:
12x 500ml Bottes
Specific 5:
Unfiltered, no artifical perservitives or colourings & vegan friendly
Country of Origin:
United Kingdom
McCrackens Hefe, craft beer, white beer, Hefeweizen
McCrackens Real Ale

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